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(7-2006Enlarge Middle pontoon bridge site. This view is looking upstream from approximate camera positions in previous two photos. The upper crossing would be about 3/4 mi. beyond the R/R bridge in the background
Photo by


Brompton: Marye's Heights
Brompton - Home to John L. Marye. House stands on top of "Marye's Heights." It is now the home of the dean of Mary Washington College. The hilltop was heavily fortified by Lee's troops including gun pits in the front yard
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN
An early view of Brompton, courtesy of Joyce Davis. Joyce's grandfather, Leeland Rowe, was at one time the administrator at Brompton and planted the Boxwoods in the front yard. During the war a huge tree was in the front yard that was used as a hospital setting. Click to enlarge


(10-2001Earthworks in the front yard of Brompton
Photo by Jack Snyder


(10-2001View from Brompton down towards Fredericksburg. Union troops would have had to fight their way up the hill if they had overrun the "Sunken Road" and the stone wall
Photo by Jack Snyder

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