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(6-2006Detail-1   Other Side This monument dedicated to the 127th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry is located at the Fredericksburg National Cemetery. The 127th PA was a nine-month regiment that saw action in just two battles, both at Fredericksburg

On Dec 13, 1863 the 127th PA lost one-third of its men in a failed attempt to take the heights. Five months later, in May 1863, it supported the 6th Corps in a successful attack against the same ground


(6-2006Detail This is one of four upright cannons in the center of Fredericksburg National Cemetery. When I took this picture on June 25, 2006, this was the only cannon out of the four that had a brass label. It was about the revert to another torrential downpour so I had to take the picture and move fast as I was warned the cemetery is an excellent location for lightening strikes


(6-2006Detail This monument at Fredicksburg National Cemetery marks the grave of Lt. Col. Joseph Anton Moesch. He died at the Wilderness Battlefield but his comrades retrieved his remains years later and reburied them at this cemetery. He is one of just 2,473 veterans whose names are known.

The monument also commemorates the 83rd NY Volunteer Infantry, also known as the 9th New York State Militia


(6-2006This is the grave of Thomas Reece of Co. "D" 155th PA Vol. Infantry. In the regimental history his grave location is Sec B, Division C, Grave #214. Today, however, his grave has his name, initials of Pennsylvania, and on top a new set of numbers to denote his location (5479)

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