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(10-2001A Southern Memorial
Stone marker erected by the railroad after the battle to show the deepest penetration that General Meade’s troops made. The railroad that erected the monument took some liberty with the placement to give a better view from the trains passing by
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN
Interpretive Marker: A Southern Memorial

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(7-2006Enlarge Close-up of the memorial
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(10-2001Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour Stop-4 (Prospect Hill, Jackson's Line)
Part of Stonewall Jackson’s line during the Battle of Fredericksburg, Dec 1862. This area was attacked by General George Meade. Meade’s troops momentarily broke through Jackson’s lines, but were repulsed by a strong counterattack
Photo by Jack Snyder
Interpretive Marker: Walker's Artillery Battalion

Interpretive Marker: Vicinity Map of this area


(7-2006Enlarge Prospect Hill. Another view of Jackson's line. The Southern Memorial is barely visible in the far left background. See enlarged view with arrow pointing to the memorial
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