Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia

G. L. Schulze MA2 (EXW) U.S. Navy

Jack Snyder, Indianapolis, IN
Chris Shelton, IN
Walter Wells, PA
Richard Edling, Philadelphia, PA
Bill Weisheit
William Bozic, Houston, TX
Russ Warner, Clarks Summit, PA
Joyce Davis
Walter Kasperczyk, NY

Bruce Schulze (Webmaster)
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NPS Fredericksburg Tour Map
NPS Stone Wall Map
1963 NPS Tour Guide
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2. Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
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NEW Half-mile Sunken Road Walking Trail
June 2016 Photos/Panoramas
Courtesy of G. L. Schulze MA2 (EXW) US Navy

A Southern Memorial
Brompton: Marye's Heights   2   3
Canal Ditch: Confederate Moat
Chatham: Stafford Heights   2
Colonial Fort
Confederate Artillery
Confederate Fort Hood
Country Club
CSA Artillery near Lee's Hill
CSA Trenches: Jackson's Line
Douglas-Gordon Home
Ebert House and Store
Fort Hood
Fredericksburg Area Museum   2
General Thomas Wounding Site
Gun from the CSS Virginia
Hamilton's Crossing   2
Innis House  
2   3   4   5
Jackson's Line   2   3
Lee's Hill: Lee's Command Post   2
Lincoln's Review
Lower Pontoon Crossing Site
Marye's Heights  
2   3
Middle Pontoon Crossing Site   2
National Cemetery   2   3   4   5
NPS Visitor Center
Old Richmond Stage Road
Pickett Circle
Pontoon Bridges
Pontoon Replica
Prospect Hill: Jackson's Line   2
Rappahannock River   2   3
Richard Kirkland Monument
Rocky Lane
St. George's Episcopal Church
Sentry Box
Slaughter Pen Farm   2
Southern Memorial
Stafford Heights
Stephens Family Cemetery
Stephens House Site
Stone Wall   2   3   4   5
Sunken Road   2   3   4   5     Walking Trail
The Sentry Box
Thomas Knox Home
Union Assault
Union Breakthrough
Upper Pontoon Crossing Site   2
Visitor Center
Wartime Smithfield

(7-2006) Enlarge Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center
Interpretive Marker: Fredericksburg Campaign

Interpretive Marker: Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park
Interpretive Marker: Battle of Fredericksburg Infantry Positions
Photos by Webmaster

Visitor Center Diorama. This diorama depicts the destruction of Fredericksburg both from Union cannons and the wanton vandalism of the Union troops
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN
Fredericksburg Battle Illustration
Photo by William Prouty

(7-2006Enlarge Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour Stop-1 (National Cemetery)

Cemetery entrance near the visitor center
Bivouac of the Dead
Interpretive Marker: Fredericksburg National Cemetery
Photos by Webmaster



(6-2006Enlarge This photo was taken on June 25, 2006 in the morning between downpours of heavy rain. It was taken from the Fredericksburg National Cemetery looking down the slope. The Union Army of the Potomac's Fifth Corps attacked Maryes' Heights unsuccessfully on December 13, 1862 at a terrible cost in loss of life. In 1901 General Daniel Butterfield erected this monument to honor the soldiers of his command who died in the charge(s) against the Confederates at Maryes' Heights, as well as all of the Fifth Corps soldiers in the entire war
Detail-1    Detail-2    Detail-3    Detail-4

Photos by William Bozic and Webmaster


(6-2006Enlarge The statue of Andrew A. Humphreys is the most impressive at Fredericksburg National Cemetery. It is located in the middle of the cemetery where over 15,000 Union troops lie buried. Gen Humphreys seems to be looking out over the field at these men. Over 1,000 of the total were men under his command from Pennsylvania. The soldiers of Humphrey's Division of the 5th Corps got within 100 yards of the impossible objective before they were driven back
Detail-1    Detail-2    Detail-3

Photos by William Bozic


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