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(7-2006Enlarge View looking north from reconstructed section of the Stone Wall a few yards north of point in previous photo. The Innis House is in the left background
Interpretive Marker: The Union Attack Begins

Interpretive Marker: The Confederate Line
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(10-2001Monument marking where Georgia General Thomas Cobb was mortally wounded while commanding the Georgia Legion at the "Sunken Road"
Photo by Jack Snyder


(7-2006Enlarge View looking toward the Innis House from the Cobb monument
Interpretive Marker: Thomas R. R. Cobb

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(10-2001View of Marye's Heights" from the Sunken Road. This commanding height was the heart of the Confederate defense at Fredericksburg. The heights extended parallel to the Rappahannock River 4 or 5 miles to the left of this picture giving Lee's troops a very strong position
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN

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