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(10-2001 Backyard at Chatham. Yard overlooked Fredericksburg and was the Union's answer to Marye's Heights. The yard made a very nice artillery park
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN
More photos of Fredericksburg from Stafford Heights courtesy of Richard Edling, PA       Group 1     Group 2


(10-2001One of the Union canons in Chatham's backyard. Fredericksburg had 3 high steeples that made excellent aiming points for Union gunners
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN


(10-2001The 3 steeples still exist today. One is visible in this photo
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN


Lincoln's Review Enlarge
Photo by Richard Edling, PA

Field near Chatham
Photo by Richard Edling, PA
Lincoln's April 1863 Review from Harper's Weekly
  Upper Pontoon Crossing Site
Enlarge View looking across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg
Photo by
Wartime photo of upper pontoon crossing site

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