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St. George's Episcopal Church
Historical Overview - early years leading up to the Civil War:

The present St. George's Church building was built in 1849.  It was the third to be constructed on this site.  The first was a wooden structure built in the 1730s; the second, a more substantial brick building, was erected in 1815.

It was during the earliest period in St. George's history (1738) that the family of George Washington moved to the area.  In time, they, as well as friends and relations famous in the founding of this country, attended services here.

Both the second and present buildings of St. George's were erected under the dynamic leadership of the Rev. Edward McGuire, who served as rector from 1813 (at age twenty, too young to be ordained) until 1858.

During the war:

1862 - The church is hit by shell fire at least 25 times during the Battle of Fredericksburg in the War Between the States.  The 4-piece communion set is stolen; one piece is retrieved almost immediately.

1863 - Religious revival meetings are held in the church by General Lee's troops.

1864 - The church is used as a hospital for some of the 10,000 Union soldiers injured in the Battle of the Wilderness


(2007St. George's Episcopal Church, established in 1720

  (2007St. George's Episcopal Church
(2007St. George's Episcopal Church Cemetery  

(2007St. George's Episcopal Church Cemetery Enlarge
Tombstone with shell damage from 1862 Battle of Fredericksburg

(July 2007Fredericksburg Area Museum Enlarge

Damaged gun from the CSS Virginia
  (July 2007Fredericksburg Area Museum Enlarge

Damaged gun from the CSS Virginia

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