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(7-2006Enlarge View looking toward the Union assault from near the Innis House
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(10-2001Enlarge A well earned monument for compassion. Confederate Richard Kirkland risked his own life to carry water to the wounded Union troops laying in front of the stone wall
Photos by Jack Snyder, IN
(7-2006) More monument detail
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Interpretive Marker: Angel of Marye's Heights
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(7-2006Enlarge Fredericksburg Battlefield Tour Stop-2 (Lee Hill Exhibit Shelter)

Foot trail to Lee's Command Post, Lee Drive, south of the visitor center
Interpretive Marker: Fredericksburg Campaign

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(7-2006Enlarge Lee's Hill - Confederate Command Post
Interpretive Marker: Battle of Fredericksburg from Lee's Hill
Interpretive Marker: Lee's Hill, the commander's lookout

Interpretive Marker: The 2nd Battle of Fredericksburg
Interpretive Marker: The Pioneers
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