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(6-2006This is how the stone wall originally looked. Note the earth rises to the top of the wall which creates a "sunken road". The Innis house is in the background

Over the years the stones from the wall were taken away for various uses. The National Park Service has attempted to recreate sections of the wall and sunken road. This portion is considered to be the most realistic

by William Bozic, TX
Interpretive Marker: The Original Wall
Photo by Webmaster

(10-2001Similar to view in previous photo, before restoration
Photo by Jack Snyder, IN


(7-2006Enlarge "Brompton" from the sunken road
Interpretive Marker: Brompton

by Webmaster


(7-2006Enlarge Site of the Ebert House and Store, near the Stone Wall, north of the Innis House

Interpretive Marker: The Ebert House and Store

by Webmaster

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