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Looking north, at the H.P. Bottom House, from the hill between Loomis's Heights and Peters Hill. Doctor's Creek runs across the middle of the picture, from left to right. The sloping ground on the other side of Doctor's Creek reflects the ground defended by Lytle's Union Brigade against the concentrated efforts of Confederate brigades under Pat Cleburne and Bushrod Johnson

View to the east, towards the town of Perryville, from the intermediate hill. The water tower is in Perryville

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Looking more east northeast than perry0045.jpg, this view shows ground that wasn't particularly fought over during the battle

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Looking due north, from the northern bank of Doctor's Creek, towards the Lytle Union Brigade position. It was over this ground that Adams's Confederate Brigade flanked the Union right

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Again looking north, this time from the current-day barn at the H.P. Bottom House. The barn, during the battle, was located to the west of here. Slocumb's Confederate Battery of the Washington Artillery located near here, after Lytle's Union Brigade was pushed off of Loomis's Heights

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(2005) Brinton House. Intersection of Highways 68 and 150
Constructed around 1840. Damaged during the battle when a cannonball crashed through the roof and an interior door. Used as a hospital after the battle

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