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Looking southeast, back towards the white barn that marks Darden's Confederate Battery position. The foreground is the area over which Jones's and Brown's Confederate brigades attacked and were repulsed

Same view shed as perry0014, but slightly further to the Federal left (towards the center of the position). You are still across Doctor's Creek, but forward of the Union position


You have now walked up the hill, following the path of Jones's failed Confederate assault, where the 10th Wisconsin of Harris's Union Brigade stood. You are looking back to the west-northwest, at Starkweather Heights. Donelson, Steward, and S.A.M. Wood all pursued the retreating Federal forces over this ground, later in the afternoon


Looking at those pesky Darden Confederate batteries from just to the left of the 10th Wisconsin position. Doctor's Creek is in the center of the picture. To the right, Brown and Jones battered themselves against Harris's and Lytle's brigades without making headway


From just north of the 10th Wisconsin position, looking back northeast towards the current-day Visitor Center. Donelson's Confederate Brigade came through here, in the area defended by Webster's Union Brigade


Moving towards the current-day Visitor Center, you are now just about even with the tall tree in the center of perry0018

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