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Looking from the base of Bull Run Creek, at the intermediate hill, beyond which Peters Hill lies. The ground in front of you was the ground that Dan Adams's Confederate Brigade traveled on their way to flanking Lytle's Union position on Loomis's Heights. The Doctors Creek tree line is on the right

Viewing the Slocumb Confederate Battery position (the white barn) from the northern slope of the intermediate hill before Peters Hill


Looking northeast, towards the Darden Battery positions from the northern slope of the intermediate hill before Peters Hill. Bull Run Creek runs across the center of the picture, right to left


Looking nearly due north, from the intermediate hill, at the Loomis Union Battery position. Doctor's Creek is in the tree line in the center. Dan Adams's Confederate brigade used the creek as a screen, and burst upon Lytle's Union Brigade. The 15th Kentucky and 3rd Ohio of Lytle's Brigade tried to stem the onslaught, but were outmaneuvered and flanked


View from the intermediate hill towards Chatham Hill, and the site of Durden's and Slocumb's Confederate Batteries


View to the south, at Peters Hill on the Springfield Pike

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