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From Starkweather Heights, near the Stone Battery position. You are looking back east, with the cornfield (21st Wisconsin) in the foreground, and Parson's Hill in the rear. Turner's Confederate Battery took position on Parson's Hill, with Carnes's Confederate Battery in position on their right. The crest of Parson's Hill is on the rear right-center of this picture. Starkweather's Union Brigade defended this area

Almost the same view from Starkweather Heights, moving just to the left of perry0026.jpg. This view looks back in a more easterly direction than the last picture. The cornfield area is very visible in this picture


Looking at Loomis's Heights from the rear of the Union, near the center. The power lines you see are located on the Heights, near the Mackville Pike


The H.P. Bottom House. The house is not tilted the camera was

From the H.P. Bottom House, pictures perry0032.jpg and perry0033.jpg


From the H.P. Bottom House front yard, looking west at Loomis's Heights. Loomis's Union Battery was on the Heights, to the right of the Mackville Pike, which runs west through the center of the picture


Looking east, from the east side of Doctor's Creek, at the current-day barn where Slocumb's Confederate Battery (the Washington Artillery) fired early in the battle

The set of pictures perry0034.jpg through perry0049.jpg were taken on a walk from the H.P. Bottom House, east along the Mackville Pike, and following Bull Run Creek south several hundred yards before crossing into the V formed by the convergence of the two streams. The goal was to get as close to Peters Hill as possible. The view shed, I would note, like so many on the Perryville Battlefield, is very cool from that perspective

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