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Looking towards Starkweather Heights (I believe) from the center of the Union position

Another view of the current-day Visitor Center, from the center of the Union position


Looking north, from near the Visitor Center, at the far left flank of the Union line, anchored by Parson's Union Battery
Pictures perry0022.jpg through perry0029.jpg reflect a walk from the current-day Visitor Center to the Parson's Battery site, across to Starkweather Heights, and back through the center of the battlefield, passing the site of the recently located Widow Gibson Cabin


Viewing Starkweather Heights from the Parson's Battery position. The white marker in the center discusses the famous cornfield, where the raw 21st Wisconsin lay in ambush for the approach of Maney's Confederate brigade after it took the Parson's position. Stone's and Bush's Union Batteries would inflict significant damage on the pursuing Confederates as the charged down this slope


Looking generally south, from the eastern edge of the cornfield. The Benton Road is on your right, with Starkweather Heights off the picture immediately to the right. The Benton Road bends to the southwest just at the edge of the picture. The higher ground here was held by the 79th PA, and elements of Webster's and Harris's Union Brigades. This area was the lynchpin of the Union defense, and saved a complete rout


Looking back from the eastern edge of the cornfield, back at the Parson's Battery position. This would have been the view that the 21st Wisconsin saw as Maney's Tennesseans swept over the hill in the distance

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