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Taken from the Loomis Union Battery position, looking more northeast. The ground is sloping down towards Doctor's Creek

From Doctor's Creek, looking southwest, at the H.P. Bottom House. The famous "cliffs," which deflected Bushrod Johnson's Confederate brigade to the left to the Bottom House area, are on the right edge of the picture, heading towards the Bottom House


From Doctor's Creek, looking west-southwest, towards the Loomis Union Battery position. The power lines on the left of the picture mark the Mackville Pike. The top of the hill represents Lytle's and Harris's Union Brigade positions


Still east of Doctor's Creek, which runs right to left in front of you, looking south-southwest. The H.P. Bottom House is in the clump of trees in the center rear of the picture


Looking almost due north, at ground over which Donelson's and A.P Stewart's Confederate Brigade's charged. The building in the rear center is the current-day Visitor Center


Looking north at the hill that Lumsden's Confederate battery occupied about 2:45 p.m. Doctor's Creek is off to your right, and the current-day Visitor Center is in the rear and to the left of the picture

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