Battle of Perryville, Kentucky

1. Dave Smith, Villa Hills, KY
2. Chris Shelton, Indiana
3. Mike Stroud, Bluffton, SC
4. Bill Bechmann, Cincinnati, OH
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1. Perryville Battlefield
3. Battle of Perryville - Wikipedia
4. Battle Summary: Perryville, KY
The Battle of Perryville |
6. Battle of Perryville - Civil War Battle of Perryville
7. Perryville Confederate order of battle - Wikipedia
8. Perryville Union order of battle - Wikipedia
9. Perryville Causalities
150th Commemoration
150th Reenactment Commemoration
38th Indiana Battery
Army of the Ohio Monument
Battle Map
Battlefield Entrance
Battlefield Road
Bechmann, Bill
Bechmann, Neil
Benton Road
Bragg's Headquarters
Brinton House
Buckner's Headquarters
Bull Run Creek  2
Carnes's Confederate Battery
Center of the Battlefield
Center of the Union Position
Chaplain River  2
Chatham Hill  2
Confederate Monument  2  3
Cornfield  2  3  4
Crawford House  2
Darden's Confederate Battery  2  3  4
Dr. Jefferson J. Polk, MD (Office)
Doctors Creek  2  3  4  5  6  7
Donelson's and A.P Stewart's Charge
Donelson's Brigade Confederate Memorial
Elmwood Inn
Famous "Cliffs"
H. P. Bottom House  2  3  4  5
John Dye House  2
Jones's and Brown's Attack
Jones's Failed Assault
Karrick-Parks House  2
Loomis Heights  2
Loomis Union Battery  2  3  4

Lumsden's Confederate Battery  2
Lytle's & Harris's Union Brigade Positions
Mackville Pike  2  3
Maney's Attack
Merchants' Row
Parson's Ridge  2  3
Parson's Union Battery  2
Perryville from the Battlefield
Peters Hill  2
Slocumb's Confederate Battery  2  3  4
Springfield Pike
Starkweather's Hill  2  3  4  5
Stone Battery
Squire Bottom
Turner's Battery
Union Monument  2
Visitor Center  2
Washington Artillery  2
Widow Bottom Site
Widow Gibson's House  2
Act of Mercy
Artillery Duel
Assault from the Bottom House
Assault on Loomis' Heights
Assault on Parson's Ridge
Baptism of Fire
Battle of Perryville  2  3  4
Battlefield / Troop Movement
Bottom House
Bragg's Invasion of Kentucky
Defense of Parson's Ridge
Donelson's Advance
Donelson's Attack
Donelson Persists
For God's Sake, Save That Battery
General James S. Jackson Fell
H.P. Bottom House
John Dye House  2
Jones' Crossing
Karrick-Parks House
Kentucky Infantry
Lumsden's Battery
Maney's Attack
Merchants' Row
Michigan at Perryville
Perryville & Emancipation Proclamation
Perryville in the Crucible of War
Simonson's Battery
Soldier Reaction to Lincoln's Proclamation
Starkweather's Hill
Starkweather's Hill (2)
Stewart's Advance
Stewart's Attack
Street Fighting
Turner's Battery
Widow Bottom Site
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(April 2012) Enlarge The Perryville Battlefield park entrance sign off of New Mackville Road (Battlefield Road)

(April 2012) Enlarge Commonwealth of Kentucky historical sign (Battle of Perryville)


(April 2012) Enlarge The Perryville Battlefield visitor center and museum

(April 2012) Enlarge150th Reenactment Commemoration banner (The Invasion of Kentucky)

(April 2012) Enlarge Infantry - Backbone of the Army   (April 2012) Enlarge Napoleon Cannon exhibit

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