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(March 2002) Enlarge Water Valley, MS. Graves of 29 unknown Union soldiers who participated in various actions of the Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign

(March 2012) Enlarge Coffeeville, MS. Memorial to Union and Confederate soldiers who fought in the Battle of Coffeeville
Battle of Coffeeville Website by Don Sides


(March 2012) Enlarge Memorial

(March 2002) Enlarge Coffeeville, MS. Site of the old Baker’s Tavern. Narrative from Don's Sides Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign Website: The Confederate generals were headquartered at Baker’s Tavern at the time of the Battle.  General Tilghman rode down this street, to the right, and on out to the battlefield when he heard the cannonading.  The old Tennessee road is to the left;  the site where General Price’s army of 10,000 passed through town. Many of the wounded were taken to “hospitals” up and down Tennessee Street following the battle
1. Early History of Coffeeville - Yalobusha County


(March 2002) Enlarge Coffeeville, MS. Narrative from Don's Sides Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign Website: Across the street is the site of the old war era courthouse in Coffeeville, and now the site of a church.  It was here that the people of Coffeeville held a grand Confederate ball the night before their local sons went off to war in May of 1861. The ladies of the town presented the unit – the 15th Mississippi infantry – a flag with the words stitched (incorrectly) “Yallabusha Rifles”
1. Yalobusha County: Genealogy, Census, Vital Records


(March 2002) Enlarge Coffeeville, MS. Wartime road between Bakers Tavern and the court house

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