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(March 2003) Yellow Leaf Creek provided a water supply for Quinby's troops

(March 2012) Enlarge   Detail Oakland, MS


(March 2003) The cavalry skirmish at Oakland started here. Forces involved were led by Union Gen. C. C. Washburn and Confederate Col. John S. Griffith
The cavalry skirmish at Oakland: Courtesy of Don Side's Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign Website
1. Mississippi Civil War Sesquicentennial Timeline

(March 2012) Enlarge   Detail Battle of Oakland marker erected in 2009


(March 2003) Wartime Moore plantation house, south of Oakland on SH-7
Additional Moore House photos, with several interior & exterior views
A Civil War experience in Oakland:
A 1936 article written by Miss Emma G. Moore, Oakland, Miss., a descendant of the Moore family. Miss Moore describes activities at the Moore plantation house during the Civil War
Courtesy of Don Side's Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign Website

  (March 2003) Grenada, MS. Golladay Hall, circa 1852
1. Grenada, Mississippi - Wikipedia
2. Historical Sites - Grenada Mississippi
3. History and Heritage in Grenada, MS

4. Grenada County Mississippi
5. Confederate Postal History of Grenada, Mississippi
6. Golladay family in Mississippi

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