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(March 2003) US-51 crossing of the Yalobusha River, north of Grenada, MS

(March 2003) Lake Grenada Visitor Center
Additional Visitor Center Photos


(March 1996) Confederate Fort near the Grenada Dam. Site Marker: Main defensive position on Yalobusha River line held by Gen. Pemberton in fall of 1862 to repel Gen. Grant, whose army of 25,000 was moving to attack Vicksburg. Site Marker near parking area: During the Civil War, Grenada served as the center of the Yalabousha Line. This defensive line reached from Greenwood on the west to Columbus on the east. Confederate troops concentrated at this important rail center and supply depot. From here, they were moved to other important points along the line. Eight forts were constructed around Grenada to protect these vital installations. The fort you are about to see was constructed to protect the Grenada-Graysport Road over which General Van Dorn traveled for his famous raid on  General  Grant's supply depot at  Holly Springs, Mississippi   

(March 1996) Confederate Fort. Site Marker: During the Civil War, there were some 22,000 Confederate troops in and around Grenada. This Confederate fort, located on the right flank of the Grenada Line at fork in the Old Grenada-Graysport Road, was constructed to protect Grenada from attack by Union forces. It is one of eight such forts constructed around Grenada during the winter of 1862. Work on the fort began with slaves, but was completed by soldiers. It is designated a modified Star Fort due
to it's salient and re-entering angles


(March 1996) Interior of Confederate Fort


(March 1996) Grenada-Graysport Road. Site Marker: This is the Grenada-Graysport Road over which General Earl Van Dorn traveled on his famous raid into Holly Springs, Mississippi to destroy General Grant's Union supply depot. Approximately 1700 soldiers marched with Van Dorn along this route. It was in Holly Springs that General Grant's supply depot was destroyed, thus forcing him to abandon his plans to attack General Pemberton in Grenada

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