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(March 2002) Enlarge Battle of Coffeeville site (Coffeeville/Water Valley Road near point where the battle ended). The Confederates made last contact with the retreating Union army in this area. View looking north

The following photos/narratives courtesy of Don Sides, Coffeeville, MS. Don visited the battlefield on the 144th anniversary

(December 5, 2006) Battle of Coffeeville, CS View
This was taken from the CS position. The terrain was more open then, and the road veered to the left, up the hill, about midways in this shot, but notice how clear the lighting conditions are. Can you imagine how easy it would have been to take aim on a Federal soldier coming down this hill? Like shooting fish in a barrel. Even if the sun was not this bright, remember that whatever sun there was illuminated the Federal position, while shadowing the CS position. Mighty easy shooting for some ragged Rebels


(December 5, 2006) Battle of Coffeeville, Union view 1
From near the Brow of the Rise, the blinding sun conceals the waiting Rebels in the woods ahead. Now, can you see how they were pushed “blindly” into an ambush? If you were a Federal soldier, could you have seen the CS cannons in the woods ahead

(December 5, 2006) Battle of Coffeeville, Union view 2
Coming down the hill. Blinding from this elevation, also


(December 5, 2006) Battle of Coffeeville, Union blinded view 1
This is the view the dis-mounted US troops would have had coming up on Ambush Hill. Blinding sun. Could you have seen a Rebel in the woods


(December 5, 2006) Battle of Coffeeville, Union ground level 1
This is ground level, where they walked across the open field. The tall pine near the center marks the location of the old road leading to the woods. The US troops were still even more blinded, I am convinced

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