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(March 2000) Enlarge Confederate Fort near Grenada Lake.  Site Marker: The Confederate fort you are about to see is one of eight earth-type forts built in a semi-circle around Grenada. This fort was located here in order to protect the crossing on the Yalobusha River from Union Troops. Confederate troops constructed the fort during 1862 and armed the fort with six six-pounder type cannons. The cannons were located on the raised gun platforms that you can still see around the interior walls of the fort. This fort has been left in it's natural condition to illustrate the difference between it and the other fort which was restored to it's original condition

(March 2000) Enlarge Exterior ditch at north wall


(March 2000) West wall, south view

(March 2000) Enlarge Holly Springs, MS
Walter Place, 331 W. Chulahoma Ave. Served as quarters for Julia Grant while her husband occupied the area. When Holly Springs was raided by Van Dorn, the troops were forbidden to enter the house as long as Mrs. Grant was quartered inside. In return for this display of chivalry, Grant placed a safeguard on the house preventing any intrusion by Federal troops for the remainder of the War-and unwittingly rendering Walter Place a safe rendezvous point for Confederate soldiers and spies 
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(March 2000) Enlarge Holly Springs, MS
Airliewood, 330 Salem Ave.  U.S. Grant's Holly Springs headquarters.  Union soldiers were camped on the grounds, and for target practice shot at the fence pickets bordering the front lawn
1. Grant's Holly Springs Headquarters Will Be Sold At Auction

  (March 2000) Enlarge Airliewood. Close-up of the picket fence

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