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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Post Headquarters Building

This is on the eastern side of Fort Churchill, near where the eastern line meets the northern line of the square. It is not in the corner, but the building is close.. The opening was the route used by The Pony Express to deliver mail

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Post Headquarters Panel
The commander's office and the courtroom were located in this building which served as the administrative headquarters of the fort. Between the post headquarters and the officers quarters ran the Pony Express. The rider would stop here momentarily to pick up the mail



(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Fort Churchill State Historic Park Sign from Hwy

Fort Churchill is located south of Silver Springs Nevada. The sign from Highway 95A can easily be missed. There was not much in the way of directions, so you almost have to know where you are going in order to find the place. One you make the sharp turn off of Hwy 95A, just drive in a westward direction (there is no other way to drive) Have plenty of gas and supplies with you. Although from HWY 95A to the fort it is not too long, there is nothing for miles, except the town of Silver Springs.

10000 Highway 95A
Silver Springs, Nevada 89429
Phone: (775) 577-2345

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge This sign is at the entrance to the park. Visitors need to place cash in an envelope and deposit, then place the envelope on the front dash of the car within view. Make sure you have cash in the proper amount. it is a good idea to discover the amount before you visit the site. On March 10, 2012 there was no store for miles and no way of making change

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