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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Barrack Ruins
Another barracks. The fort's buildings are in a state of arrested decay

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Tent Area of Fort Churchill
Occasionally it became necessary to quarter men in the tent area when three companies of one hundred men each had already occupied the six barracks. However, this was rare, since during most years the fort was not occupied by more than three companies



(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Most Important Panel at Fort Churchill

Yes, there are critters here that will do you harm if you get in their way!

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Line of Barracks Ruins


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Barracks Panel
The dirt-floored barracks were crudely furnished with bunks and chairs. Unlike most frontier posts, the men of Fort Churchill were afforded the luxury of their own bunk. Other posts of this kind usually required two men per bunk with a blanket and a bed sack filled with straw


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Enlisted Life
The officers lived well, but for the enlisted man the Fort was an isolated, dreary frontier outpost despite the conveniences not found at other posts. The hardships and low pay, $13 per month, caused many men to desert. Trials of deserters fill the court-martial records. For most, the sentence was a reduction in rank and pay, but for some it meant at least a month in the guardhouse
Mines in Virginia City paid much more to miners and were always in need of new laborers

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