Fort Churchill, Nevada

Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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Barracks Panel
Buckland Family Plot
DAR Plaque
Early Fort Churchill Picture and Details
Eastern Edge of Fort Churchill
Enlisted Barracks   2   3
Enlisted Life
Entrance Sign
First Officers' Quarters   2
Fort Churchill Cemetery
Fort Churchill State Historic Park Sign
Fourth Officers Quarters
Guard House
Hospital Panel
Line of Barracks
Mess Hall
Mess Hall Plan
Museum   2
Officer Quarters Floor Plan
Officers Quarters Panel
Parade Ground
Park Map
Post Headquarters
Powder Magazine
Quartermaster Storehouse
Quartermaster Storehouse Panel
Rattlesnake Warning Sign
RHIP Panel
Second Officers Quarters   2
Subsistance Storehouse Panel
Subsistance Storehouse
Tent Area
Third Officers Quarters
Visitor Center   2

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Fort Churchill Museum and Visitor Center
US & Nevada Flags

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Fort Churchill Museum and Visitor Center
Re-created barracks built by Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's



(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Vigilante Disaster
This panel tells the tale of how three men kidnapped two Native-American women. The kidnappers were killed by Native-Americans and the women were released, but newspapers sensationalized the story resulting in vigilantes seeking revenge for the deaths of the three kidnappers. Bloodshed ensued, and eventually the army was sent to make a permanent presence in the region. The wealth coming from the Comstock Lode in nearby Virginia City was also a major reason for the fort being built

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Welcome to Fort Churchill Panel
As visitors enter the Fort Churchill Visitor Center & Museum, this is the first panel seen from the entrance


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Building the Fort Panel
The huge cost of building the fort ($179,000) in 1860 illustrates the point of just how much the government was willing to spend to protect the Comstock Lode. Tension between Northern and Southern states was boiling, so Northern leaders were quick to see the fort erected in order to protect this vital source of revenue


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Fort Churchill Model

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