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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Enlisted Barracks
This is a photo of one of the enlisted men's barracks from the site of the mess hall which was located behind it

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge View of Parade Ground from NW
Looking from the NW corner of Fort Churchill across the parade to the SE side. Notice the ground is not level



(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Mess Hall Plan
During the 1860's the diet of a typical frontier soldier consisted of beef, beans, salt pork, coffee, and some condiments, such as sugar, salt, vinegar, and molasses. Rarely were the men supplied with vegetables. For this reason gardens were cultivated to supplement the diet

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Looking North
This shows the path for visitors and the ruins of two barracks to the ride side of the path and one mess hall on the left side of the path looking North. Although the two barracks were built in the same plan, each has decayed differently so each ruin is unique


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Parade Ground

The Parade Ground was an active place were necessary duty functions were performed. Mass formations were required after breakfast and before sunset for fatigue call, inspections, assigning tasks, and posting the orders of the day. Frequently these grounds were used for marching and military tactics drills


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Barracks to the Left-Mess Hall to the Right

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