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Courtesy of William Bozic, Houston, TX
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(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Officers' Quarters Ruins
These are the ruins of two of the six two-story officers' quarters. The photo was taken from the NE corner of the fort looking toward the wet

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge First Officers Quarters Ruins from an Angle
The visitor center/museum can be seen on the rise of ground in the background
This view looking NE gives a good impression of how far must be walked to the fort from the parking area



(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Description of Officers Quarters Panel
Originally there were six individual quarters. Each had a parlor, dining room, two bedrooms, and an attached woodshed with an indoor privy. The upper story was a low ceiling attic

(March 10, 2012) Enlarge RHIP Panel. Rank Has Its Privileges
Officers had the distinct privilege of visiting on the post at all hours, and they were also afforded the opportunity of visiting Virginia City at least once a month


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Fort Churchill Picture and Details
Construction of Fort Churchill began in the summer of 1860. Material to make the adobe bricks came from the local area. However badly needed lumber was hauled by mule from the Sierra Nevada, and items such as nails, doors, windows, and hardware were obtained from as far away as San Francisco
Total cost of the fort was near $180,000
NOTE: When the government sold the fort to Samuel Buckland the total price was $750


(March 10, 2012) Enlarge Fourth Officers Quarters
The fourth, Fifth, and Sixth officers quarters did not fair so well. It is barely possible to determine the location of the former walls and guess what once was

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