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10/95 Battle of Franklin Reenactment. Ed Conner Photos
The Johnny Rebs begin to close the Union positions, as more Confederate infantry emerge from the tree lines in the background

The Rebs are in range, and the Parrots of the Federal battery open fire.  Hearing the discharge of a Civil War field piece on a movie soundtrack like Gettysburg doesn't compare to experiencing the real thing.  A smoothbore, such as a 12-pounder Napoleon, has a heavy, ringing THUD associated with it.  A 10-pounder Parrot goes off with an ear splitting CRACK; if you position yourself near an artillery battery during a reenactment, it isn't a bad idea to bring along ear plugs!


The Number Two gun has just fired in this photo as the Confederates continue to advance


Number Three has just fired, and illustrates the large volume of smoke resulting from the discharge.  This was a real hazard to the artillery crews who depended on line of sight to fire on their target

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