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10/95 Battle of Franklin Reenactment. Ed Conner Photos
Confederate cavalry of General Nathan Bedford Forrest preparing to break camp (the Union soldier in the middle of the photo is a little out of place!).

After I took this photo, I noticed I was standing next to a Confederate cavalry Captain. We struck up a conversations, and I commented that the wind seemed to be drying up the field a little, and that maybe it wouldn't be too bad on them this afternoon. He nodded, and said, "Yessir, that's so", and then he peered to the north with a far away look and continued, "But you know, if the roads would just freeze tonight, we could be in Nashville by tomorrow night". Only then did I realize that he was conversing with me as if it were 130 years ago, November 30, 1864. Reenactors not only walk the walk, they talk the talk

General John M. Schofield, commander of the XXIII Corps approaches the Union lines.  A line of osage orange brush can be seen at the center of the photo.  During the Battle of Franklin, the Union forces erected several lines of this thorny shrub as barriers in front of their breastworks; they were extremely effective


General Schofield inspects the Union defensive positions to the cheers of the troops of his XXIII Corps.  The blue flag is the colors of the XXIII Corps, Army of the Cumberland


Union troops move into position behind hastily dug breastworks. The structure at the middle center of the photo represents the Carter Cotton Gin, usually referred to as "The Gin House".

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