Battle of Franklin 1995 Reenactment
October 1995 Photos Courtesy of Ed Conner, TN

10/95 Enlarge Battle of Franklin Reenactment. Ed Conner Photos
The reenactments of the Battles of Spring Hill, Franklin and Nashville took place in October, 1995. It was the largest reenactment in this part of the country in a decade, drawing over 100,000 spectators and employing thousands of reenactors. The weather on Friday was terrible; torrential rain, high winds and cold temperatures. The rain turned the area where the battles were to be fought into fields of glue-like mud. Saturday, though, the weather cleared even though the wind was still gusting; this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it helped to dry the fields for the afternoon battle reenactments

This photo is of one of the Confederate camps; reveille has sounded and the reenactors are stirring, preparing for the day's activities. Just behind the tree line in the rear of the photo can be seen the tents of a Union camp. The straw on the ground was spread to help movement on the muddy terrain


Enlarge Reenactors come in many guises, and not all carry a musket or man an artillery piece. This young lady was portraying a vivandiere.

Vivandieres were a product of the early months of the Civil War, accompanying the troops as sutlers, mascots or nurses when the occasion arose. Usually associated with Zouave regiments, the vivandiere usually carried a small cask filled with spirits, although this young lady carried a bottle and tin cup. The vivandieres all but disappeared after 1861


Enlarge Two of "Hood's Boys"  pose for a modern day Matthew Brady


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