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10/95 Battle of Franklin Reenactment. Ed Conner Photos
Federal artillery crews begin to prepare the guns for the upcoming Confederate attack

The Federal battery continues to prepare for action under the watchful eye of the battery commander, standing to the right of the gun in the center of the photo.  The battery guidon is just behind the gun; the Union artillery used the same guidon pattern as the cavalry


The Rebs have been spotted !  The Federal battery springs into action and prepares to open fire


In this photo, the leading elements of the Confederate battleline have emerged from the treeline at the rear of the photo.  The Hardee Battleflag (blue with a white disk) carried by the regiment at the left center identifies these troops as belonging to the division of General Patrick Cleburne
It was breath taking to see these lines emerge from the trees as if they had sprung from the ground.  The real Confederate batttleline must have been an awe inspiring sight, extending nearly two and a half miles in length.  It was said that General Schofield, watching the approaching Confederates from a roof top in Franklin, called a small boy to his side and said, " Take a look at this, son, and remember it; you'll never see anything like this again"

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