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10/95 Battle of Franklin Reenactment. Ed Conner Photos
Two Union scouts take time out to talk with some of the crowd before the battle begins.   The trooper in the foreground displays many of the items carried by a Federal horse soldier, including the rain slicker tied down to his saddle in front of him and the picket rope just to the rear of the saddle blanket

The Federal position continues to fill with more infantry.  Not visible in the photo is the deep ditch that has been dug in front of the breastworks


Federal artillery begins to go into battery on the Federal left, as more infantry arrives at the left center of the photo.  Due to the extremely muddy conditions of the field, the cannons were moved by tractors and four-wheel drive vehicles


Four 10-pounder Parrot Rifles of a Union battery are now in position in this photo. Federal batteries were normally comprised of 6 artillery pieces, while their Confederate counterparts numbered 4.

The structure in the middle background is the Carter House, with some of the out buildings to the left

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