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10/95 Battle of Franklin Reenactment. Ed Conner Photos
A corporal submits the morning report to the company commander. The flag is the Polk Battle Flag, flown by regiments in the Corp of General Leonidas Polk. At this late stage of the war, however, most Confederate units flew the standard Confederate battle flag, although the units under Patrick Cleburne's command still flew their Hardee pattern flags (blue with a white disk)

With camp broken, this Tennessee regiment begins to form up to move out to the battlefield


The Tennessee regiment continues to form. The flag flown by this unit is the rectangular Battle Flag associated with the Army of Tennessee, and is sometimes referred to as the "Southern Cross"


The Tennesseans wait in line for the order to move out and form with other regiments into brigades. This photo illustrates the variety of uniforms worn by the Johnnies in Hood's Army of Tennessee

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