All panoramas were constructed from photos taken by Webmaster unless otherwise noted


Fort Washita, OK     1. Parade Ground from reconstructed south barracks
2. From restored bake oven
3. Original stables
4. Confederate cemetery
5. Post cemetery
6. From west barracks
    7. Original stables
     8. Parade Ground
Fort Donelson Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. From lower batteries
  2. Dover Hotel (surrender house)
Pea Ridge 1. From east overlook
View looking north from the Pea Ridge National Military Park Visitor Cente
View from Tour Stop 3 (Leetown Battlefield)
View from Tour Stop 4 (Indians at Pea Ridge)
Elkhorn Tavern (Tour Stops 7 and 8)
View from Tour Stop 9 (Confederate Artillery)
View from Tour Stop 10 (Federal Artillery)
Chattanooga Pan 1 Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. From Lookout Mountain (Ochs Memorial Observatory)
2. From Lookout Mountain (Sunset Rock)
Fort Towson, OK 1. From visitor center
2. Ruins of Fort Towson
        3. Gates Creek bottom from bluff behind fort
Shiloh 1-6 Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS
7 Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA

Bloody Pond
    2. Peach Orchard (1) by Brian Risher
    3. Peach Orchard (2) by Brian Risher
    4. Hornets' Nest (1) by Brian Risher
    5. Hornets' Nest (2) by Brian Risher
    6. Hornets' Nest (3) by Brian Risher
    7. Falling Timbers
    8. Cherry Mansion from west bank of Tennessee River
    9. Pittsburg Landing and Dill Branch from east bank of Tennessee River
    10. The Indian Mounds at Shiloh National Military Park
    11. Terrain across Tennessee River from Pittsburg Landing
    12. Grant's Last Line
    13. Shiloh National Military Park Visitor Center
    14. Cleburne's Brigade
Vicksburg Campaign   Vicksburg National Military Park
    1. Shirley House (3)
2. Third Louisiana Redan (3)
3. Stockade Redan Union attack area (2)
4. Thayer's Approach (2)
5. Vicksburg National Cemetery/USS Cairo (1)
6. Fort Hill (2)
7. Second Texas Lunette (1)
8. Railroad Redoubt (3)
9. Ft. Garrott (Square Fort) (3)
10. View of Ft. Garrott area from Tour Stop 15 (Hovey's Approach) (1)
11. Stockade Redan (3)
    13. USS Cairo and Vicksburg National Cemetery (2)
    14. View from Great Redoubt
       Vicksburg (Sites outside the military park)
1. Cedar Hil Cemetery (Confederate section)
    Battle of Champion Hill
    Battle of Champion Hill, a Virtual Tour (30 Panoramas)
    Chickasaw Bayou
    Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (5 Panoramas)
    Steele's Bayou Expedition
    1. Junction of Deer Creek and Black Bayou
    2. Junction of Deer Creek and Rolling Fork Cutoff
    3. Indian Mounds south of junction of Deer Creek and Rolling Fork Cutoff
    Duckport Canal
    Duckport Canal and Walnut Bayou
    Fort Pemberton
    1. Rear of fort
    2. View from mound north of center of fort
    3. Southern half of fort
    4. Wall of fort near the Yazoo River
    5. Wall of fort a few yards south of center
    6. Fort Pemberton Park
    7. Tallahatchie River from Fort Pemberton Park
    Battle of Raymond
    1. From Artillery Ridge
    2. From Fourteenmile Creek Bridge (1)
    3. From Fourteenmile Creek Bridge (2)
    4. Raymond Battlefield
    5. Raymond Battlefield Walking/Interpretive Trail
    Battle of Big Black River
    1. From Old US-80 east of the Confederate defense
    2. From Union perspective looking west toward CSA defense
    3. From 0.6 mi. northeast of CSA defense
    4. Confederate defense south of railroad near Gin Lake
    5. Left of Confederate defense
    6. Meander scar east of CSA defense left flank
    7. Meander scar east of CSA defense left flank
    8. View from scar above looking toward CSA left flank
    9. Wartime R/R bridge site. Courtesy of Loren Drummond
    Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign
    1. Battle of Coffeeville Site (Brow of the Rise)
    2. Battle of Coffeeville Site (Baldwin's Brigade campsite)
    3. Battle of Coffeeville Site (Center of rear of Confederate line)
    4. Battle of Coffeeville Site (Kentucky Battery site)
    5. College Hill
    6. Confederate Earthwork north of Tallahatchie River Bridge
    Edwards, Mississippi
    1. Wartime Southern Railroad of Mississippi and Raymond Road
    Grand Gulf, Mississippi
    Pans 2 & 3 Courtesy of Brian Risher        Pans 4 thru 11 Courtesy of Loren Drummond
1. Fort Wade's Powder Magazine
    2. From the observation tower
    3. Fort Cobun
    4. Fort Wade
    5. Fort Wade
    6. Grand Gulf Visitor Center
    7. Fort Wade
    8. Grand Gulf Cemetery
    9. Grand Gulf Cemetery
    10. Fort Cobun
    11. Fort Cobun
    Memphis: Fort Pickering
    1. Fort Pickering site and Indian Mounds
    2, Mississippi River from Fort Pickering
Battle of Ditch Bayou, Arkansas 1. View from point west of US-82 Ditch Bayou Bridge
2. Chapman House, west of Ditch Bayou
Camp Ford near Tyler, Texas 1. View of camp site from point near center of west boundary
Parker's Crossroads, Tennessee 1. View from Tour Stop 1, City Park on SH-22, north of I-40
Andersonville 1. View from north gate of stockade
2. View from northwest corner of stockade
3. View from commandant's headquarters
Richmond, Virginia Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. Hollywood Cemetery  
2. Tredegar Iron Works
3. Modern view of Richmond from Tredegar Iron Works
4. East end of Belle Isle
5. James River and Richmond Skyline
6. View of Belle Isle POW Camp
Arlington National Cemetery Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. View from Robert E. Lee's front porch
Gettysburg Photo Album Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
Buford and Reynolds Make a Stand
1. From 3rd floor of Lutheran Seminary, facing east
2. McPherson's Woods and Ridge looking west from Reynolds Ave.
3. McPherson's Ridge from Meredith Ave. near the statue of John Burns, looking west toward Herr Ridge
4. Looking north from statue of John Burns along Meredith Ave. McPherson barn
is in the center
Rodes Flanks the 1st Corps
1. Oak Hill facing east and south
2. View from Oak Hill looking south
3. View from Oak Hill of battlefield north of Gettysburg (facing east)
4. Looking northwest from the Federal position along Doubleday Ave
Gordon's Assault on Barlow
1. Gordon's view as he assaulted Barlow's Knoll from the north
2. View from Barlow's Knoll to the north (Barlow's view of Gordon's brigade)
Coster's Battle in the Brickyard
1. Coster Mural
Longstreet's Long March
1. At the top of the hill the troops were visible from the Round Tops
2.Scene that met Longstreet's troops as they emerged from the southern end of Pitzer Woods
3.View near Pitzer's Woods from south battlefield observation tower 55K
Devil's Den: Hood's Attack
1. Starting position, facing east, on the southern part of Seminary Ridge for Robertson's brigade of Hood's division on the afternoon of July 2
2. The triangular field and the woods to the west of Devil's Den
3. Valley of Death and Little Round Top from the east side of Devil's Den
The Fight for Little Round Top
1. View from Little Round Top looking west
The Wheatfield and Peach Orchard
1. The Wheatfield, looking west and north
2. View of the Trostle farm from the original position of Bigelow's 9th Mass. Battery
3. View to the south from the Sickle's wounding marker toward the Peach Orchard
4. View north from the Peach Orchard area. Includes the Sherfy, Klingle, Codori and
Trostle farms
5. View north from the Peach Orchard 
Longstreet's Last Attacks
1. Looking west from the Cemetery Ridge position of the 1st Minnesota
2. Looking back over the field from just south of the copse of trees. Codori farm at left, "the angle" at right 
3. View west from Cemetery Ridge. Codori farm at left. Taken several years after the war
Culp's Hill
Rock Creek looking west
View of the approach to Culp's Hill by Johnson's right flank
View across the swale on Culp's Hill toward Greene's positions, looking north
4. G
reene's brigade's position (to left - facing north) with entrenchments
5. Panorama from Culp's Hill Observation Tower
Cemetery Hill
View of East Cemetery Hill from the Culp farm. Looking south
Avery's July 2 evening assault on East Cemetery Hill. Looking south from the base of the hill
East Cemetery Hill near the crest, facing south, following Avery's assault on
July 2, 1863
Crest of Cemetery Hill
View from Cemetery Hill looking north. Culps farm is at right
Pickett's Charge
View of Cemetery Ridge from the North Carolina monument
Spangler farm
View from the Spangler barn to the north
Swale just south of the Virginia Memorial. Pickett's division formed here. Notice that his men were out of sight of the entire Federal line while in this depression
View looking east from 200 yards east of the Virginia Memorial
Once they moved forward 200 yards to the east, they came into full view of the Union army on Cemetery Ridge
The last few hundred yards. Looking east from the Emmitsburg Road at the angle
View to the south and west from "the angle"
East Cavalry Field: Stuart versus Gregg
View from the north end of the East Cavalry Battlefield where J. E. B. Stuart faced Union Gen. Gregg on July 3, 1863
Rummel farm viewed from the west
The Borough: Civilian Experience in Town
The Gettysburg "diamond" or town square, viewed from Carlisle Street (facing south)
The Farms: Civilians Nearby
Cemetery Ridge and the Leister farm looking west and north
Charleston, South Carolina   Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
Looking east from East Battery street toward the mouth of the harbor. Ft. Sumter is in the center distance. Many of the mansions at right predate the Civil War
Battle of Honey Springs, I.T.   1. Beginning of Interpretive Trail 1
2. East end of Trail 1
3. Beginning of Trail 2
4. East end of Trail 2
5. Texas Road stop on Trail 3
6. Primitive Trail
7. Trail 5
Oklahoma Historical Society   1. Union Memorial Room
    2. Confederate Memorial Room
Fort Blakely, Alabama   Courtesy of Ruth Beechmen, FL
15th Massachusetts Battery, constructed April 6th of gabions, logs and earth. Three 12 pound Napoleons were placed here
    2. At 5:45pm on April 9th, the 83rd Ohio led the attack of Moore's Brigade, Andrews' Division on Redoubt #4 over this field
    3. Restoration of the gun emplacements of Redoubt #4 (Stockton Road Redoubt), the strongest portion of the defensive positions of Fort Blakely. This redoubt held four field guns and a mortar
    4. Main Confederate line of trenches near Redoubt #4
    5. View to the North and West from the dock at the riverbank at Blakely
Ardmore, Oklahoma   1. Oklahoma Veterans Center (Oklahoma Confederate Home, 1911-1942)
2. Rose Hill Cemetery (Confederate Section)
Fort Gibson National Cemetery   1. View from Officers Circle
Battle of Locust Grove   1. Pipe Springs City Park, Locust Grove, OK. Site of the Battle of Locust Grove
Park Hill, Oklahoma   1. George M. Murrell Historic House
Wilson's Creek, MO   Courtesy of Loren Drummond, WI
1. Bloody Hill
2. Guibor's Battery
3. Ray House
4. Sigel's Final Position
Wire Road running from Sharps Woods to Sigels Final Position
Manassas, Virginia   1. Henry House
2. Henry Hill
3. Tour Stop 1 (Battery Heights)
Antietam, Maryland   1. Dunker Church from Lee's Battery site
2. North Woods
3. East Woods
4. The Cornfield
5. West Woods
6. Mumma Farmstead
7. Roulette Farm
8. Sunken Road (Bloody Lane)
9. Lower Bridge (Burnside Bridge)
10. The Final Attack
11. Antietam National Cemetery
12. View from terrain east of the Visitor Center
Prairie Grove, Arkansas   1. South view of battlefield from Tour Stop 10
2. Borden House and Orchard
3. Borden House and Orchard
4. Borden House
Pilot Knob, Missouri   Courtesy of Loren Drummond, WI
1. Fort Davidson, facing southeast
2. Fort Davidson
Springfield, Missouri
National Cemetery
  Courtesy of Loren Drummond, WI
1. General Sterling Price Monument
Battle of Champion Hill,
a Virtual Tour
  30 Panoramas of the battlefield and related sites
Fort Tejon, California   Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. Fort Tejon
2. Confederate Encampment at Fort Tejon
Atlanta Campaign   Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
33 Panoramas
Stone Mountain   Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. Stone Mountain
Augusta, Georgia   Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
1. Magnolia Cemetery
2. Magnolia Cemetery (Generals Walk)
3. Magnolia Cemetery (Confederate Soldiers Section)
Fort Sumter   Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS
1. Fort Sumter
Spring Hill, Tennessee   Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS
1. View of the battlefield of Spring Hill looking toward the Federal position
Close-up of the hill in the previous pan
View of battlefield looking toward the Federal position
Pan of the battlefield looking toward the Confederate advance
5. Center of the Federal defensive position
Franklin, Tennessee   Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS
1. View from Winstead Hill observation
Stones River, Tennessee   Courtesy of Brian Risher, MS
1. Bragg's Headquarters     

2. Redoubt Brannan
3. Chicago Board of Trade Battery (1)
4. Chicago Board of Trade Battery (2)
5. Chicago Board of Trade Battery (3)
6. Cotton Field
7. Fortress Rosecrans (1)
8. Fortress Rosecrans (2)
9. Fortress Rosecrans (3)
10. McFadden Farm Artillery Monument
11. Parson's Battery
12. Rosecrans' Headquarters
13. The Round Forrest
14. The Slaughter Pen
15. Waters' Alabama Battery
Quartzite, Arizona   Courtesy of Don Worth, UCLA
Last Camp of Hi Jolly, US Camel Corps
Fort Smith, Arkansas   1. Fort Smith
2. Fort Smith National Cemetery
Petersburg, VA   1. The Crater
Breach Inlet, S.C.   Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA
1. Breach Inlet (1)
2. Breach Inlet (2)
Hampton Roads, VA   Courtesy of Richard Edling, PA
1. Hampton Roads and Monitor and Merrimack Overlook
Fort Macon, NC   Courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC