Vicksburg Campaign, a Virtual Tour Panoramas
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Vicksburg National Military Park
Sites in Vicksburg Outside the Military Park
Other Campaign Sites

Vicksburg National Military Park

Shirley House (3)


Third Louisiana Redan (3)

Stockade Redan Attack (2)
Thayer's Approach (2)
National Cemetery and USS Cairo (2)
Fort Hill (2)
View from Second Texas Lunette (1)
Railroad Redoubt (6)
Fort Garrott (3)
View of Fort Garrott area from Tour Stop 15 (Hovey's Approach) (1)
Great Redoubt. View from Confederate Ave (1)
Stockade Redan (3)
Sites in Vicksburg Outside the Military Park
Confederate Section of Vicksburg's Cedar Hill Cemetery (1)
Other Vicksburg Campaign Sites
Champion Hill (30)
Duckport Canal (1)
Battle of Raymond (10)
Battle of Big Black River (9)
Steele's Bayou Expedition (3)
Fort Pemberton (7)
Edwards, MS (1)
Grand Gulf (11)
Mississippi Central Railroad Campaign (7)
Battle of Chickasaw Bayou (5)
Memphis: Fort Pickering (2)