Fort Blakely Panoramas
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1. 15th Massachusetts Battery, constructed April 6th of gabions, logs and earth.
Three 12 pound Napoleons were placed here. May 2002 (138K jpeg)


2. At 5:45pm on April 9th, the 83rd Ohio led the attack of Moore's Brigade,
Andrews' Division on Redoubt #4 over this field. May 2002 (62K jpeg)


3. Restoration of the gun emplacements of Redoubt #4 (Stockton Road Redoubt),
the strongest portion of the defensive positions of Fort Blakely.
This redoubt held four field guns and a mortar. May 2002 (69K jpeg)
4. Main Confederate line of trenches near Redoubt #4. May 2002 (82K jpeg)
5. View to the North and West from the dock at the riverbank at Blakely. May 2002 (74K jpeg)

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