Fort Macon, North Carolina

John Guss, Hillsborough, NC (2007)
John Bennett, Blackwood, NJ (2007)
Brian Duckworth, NC (2008)
William Bozic, Houston, TX (2012)
Fort Macon History
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1.  Division of Parks and Recreation--Fort Macon State Park
2.  Friends of Fort Macon
3.  Battle of Fort Macon - Wikipedia
4.  Civil War Battle Fort Macon Burnside's N.C. Expedition

5.  Battle Summary: Fort Macon, NC
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30lb Parrot Rifle Projectile Fired at Fort
Atlantic Ocean
Barbette Positions   2
Battle Relics
Beaufort Inlet
Confederates Seize Fort Macon 1861
Siege of Fort Macon Marker
Fort Macon Map
Fort Macon Model
Fort Macon Museum Natural History
Garrison Flag
Historical Marker
Hot Shot Furnace   2
Interior   2   3
Main Entrance
Mortars   2   3
Order of Battle (CSA)
Order of Battle (Union)
Rear Entrance
Sally Port
Siege Description
Strategic Inlet
Wall and Mote
Welcome to Fort Macon  
(January 2008) Enlarge Courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
(January 2008) Enlarge Courtesy of Brian Duckworth, NC
The following photos/text courtesy of John Guss, NC    

(2007) Main entrance to Fort Macon

(2007) Historical marker



(2007) Sally Port

(2007) Artillery


(2007) Staircase


(2007) Hot shot furnace

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