Gettysburg Photo Album Panoramas
Pickett's Charge

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1. View of Cemetery Ridge from the North Carolina monument. July 28, 2001


2. Spangler farm. July 28, 2001

3. View from the Spangler barn to the north. July 28, 2001
4. Swale just south of the Virginia Memorial. Pickett's division formed here. Notice that his men were out of sight of the entire Federal line while in this depression. August 1, 2001
5. View looking east from 200 yards east of the Virginia Memorial. July 28, 2001
6. Once they moved forward 200 yards to the east, they came into full view of the Union army on Cemetery Ridge. August 1, 2001
7. The last few hundred yards. Looking east from the Emmitsburg Road at the angle. July 28, 2001
8. View to the south and west from "the angle" July 28, 2001

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