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(October 2011) Enlarge Liberty, Missouri
Clay County Savings Bank robbed by the James Gang February 13, 1866; considered to be the first successful daytime bank robbery in the United States. Yield was $60,000

1. Clay County Savings Association Building - Wikipedia

2. Clay County Historical Tidbits Robbery of the Clay County Savings ...
3. Liberty, Missouri - Wikipedia
4. Clay County Museum and Historical Society - Liberty, Missouri


(October 2011) Enlarge William Jewel College - founded in 1849 with the help of Jesse and Frank's father, Robert- who was a Baptist minister and on the board of trustees

1. Welcome to William Jewell College


(October 2011) Enlarge Jewell Hall - Federal troops occupied the building during the Battle of Liberty September 11, 1861. The basement was used as a stable, the first and second floors for the military and the third floor as a hospital and morgue

1. Jewell History
2. Jewell Hall Liberty, MO


(October 2011) Enlarge The Dimmitt Home built ca 1850 at 242 W. Franklin

1. Dougherty District Walking Tour - Historic Liberty > Home


(October 2011) Enlarge Slave quarters and kitchen building behind the house


(October 2011) Enlarge Independence, Missouri
1859 Marshal's House and Jail Museum off courthouse square

1. 1859 Jail, Marshal's Home, & Museum in Jackson County

2. City of Independence, Missouri: An American Original
3. Independence, Missouri - Wikipedia

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