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(October 2011) Enlarge Picture of George Caleb Bingham 1811 - 1879. Missouri painter made famous by his picture "Martial Law" - Order No. 11 painted in 1868

1. George Caleb Bingham - Wikipedia
2. George Caleb Bingham - Artist of Missouri and the American Frontier


(October 2011) Enlarge Display showing Bingham's "Martial Law" - Order No. 11 picture and items from the area related to it. This order caused a scorched earth and mass property destruction for inhabitants who could not prove their loyalty to the Union. The population plummeted


(October 2011) Enlarge Bingham's picture "Martial Law"

1. George Caleb Bingham's "Order No. 11"
2. Bingham's - Missouri Digital Heritage Collections


(October 2011) Enlarge Detail on "Martial Law" picture


(October 2011) Enlarge General Ewing at the time he issued Order No. 11


(October 2011) Enlarge Henry Clay's Desk

1. Henry Clay - Wikipedia

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