The James Boys in Missouri

Photos/text courtesy of Lee G. Hohenstein, Omaha, Nebraska
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1859 Marshal's House and Jail
Archie Samuel Grave
Bloody Bill Anderson
Civil War in Independence
Clay County Savings Bank
Dimmitt Home
Dr. Reuben Samuel Grave
Frank James's Cell
General Thomas Ewing   2
George Caleb Bingham     Home
Glendale & Alton Train Robbery
Henry Clay
James Family Farm   2
Jesse James Grave
Mount Olivet Cemetery

Order No. 11
Richmond Cemetery
Robert "Bob" Ford Grave
William Clarke Quantrill
William Jewel College
Zerelda James Grave
Zerelda Samuel Grave

(October 2011) Enlarge The James Family Farm - Kearney, Missouri
The house started with the purchase of the 1822 log cabin by Jesse and Frank's father, Robert, in 1845. Their mother, Zerelda, bought the addition from Sears as a kit in 1893. Frank was born at his grandparents' farm in 1843. Jesse was born in the log cabin in 1847 and a sister, Susan, was born here in 1849

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(October 2011) Enlarge Reconstructed Slave Cabin

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(October 2011) Enlarge Slave Cabin interpretive sign


(October 2011) Enlarge The Smokehouse and Carriage House


(October 2011) Enlarge The Plow and Jesse's experience


(October 2011) Enlarge The 1822 cabin exposed beneath the siding

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