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(October 2011) Enlarge The Museum building, where photos are not allowed, displays many family items including Jesse's original grave marker ravaged by souvenir hunters, Jesse's and Frank's boots, saddles and guns and movie posters from movies made about their exploits


(October 2011) Enlarge Mount Olivet Cemetery - Kearney, Missouri
Jesse James grave


(October 2011) Enlarge Grave markers for Jesse and wife, Zerelda

1. Find A Grave - Mount Olivet Cemetery
2. Kearney Things To Do - Attractions & Must See

3. Zee James - Wife of Jesse James


(October 2011) Enlarge Grave of Zerelda Samuel, Jesse and Frank's mother, who lost her right forearm the night of January 26, 1875 when Pinkerton detectives threw a bomb through the window in their search for Jesse and Frank. However, they were not home at the time
January 29, 1865 - February 10, 1911

1. Zerelda James-Wikipedia


(October 2011) Enlarge Grave of Zerelda's husband, Dr. Reuben Samuel
January 12, 1828 - March 1, 1908

1. Reuben Samuel


(October 2011) Enlarge Grave of Archie Samuel, the boys 8 year old stepbrother who died in his bed from the bomb blast the night of January 26, 1875

1. Archie Samuel - Wikipedia

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