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(10-2012) Enlarge Eddie Burns Memorial Drive Cemetery:
Note the group of Confederate graves to the right of the drive

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(10-2012) Enlarge Unknown Confederate Graves:
This cemetery contains many Confederate graves throughout the grounds of veterans that have passed on years after the war but there is one small cluster of unknown soldier graves near the entrance. A view from behind showing the Confederate Iron Crosses


(10-2012) Enlarge Unknown Confederate Soldier:
Detail of one of the identical unknown soldier graves

(10-2012) Enlarge Unknown Soldiers Graves & UDC Monument:
Graves of unknown Confederate soldiers who died during the Battle of Booneville. It is presently unknown in what year the UDC monument was placed in the cemetery


(10-2012) Enlarge UDC Confederate Dead Monument Inscription:
Detail of inscription on the UDC monument. Below this inscription at the base of the monument are the words 'Rest In Peace'


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