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(10-2012) Enlarge Items Lost During Federal Raid on Booneville:
On June 1, 1862, the 2nd Michigan Cavalry and the 2nd Iowa Cavalry under the command of Col Philip Sheridan were attacked by a large force of Confederate Cavalry led by Gen. James R. Chalmers just west of town on the Blackland road. During the engagement, Col. Sheridan divided his Command and launched an attack in front, rear and left flanks, driving Gen. Chalmers from the field. Before the end of this day, the Booneville train depot and it's train full of supplies would be destroyed. For his leadership in battle, Col. Sheridan was promoted to Brigadier General

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(10-2012) Enlarge To Booneville:
Col. Sheridan's cavalry troops and supply wagon train headed to Booneville down the Blackland road


(10-2012) Enlarge Booneville Depot Raid:
Supply train being destroyed by Col. Sheridan's troops during the Battle of Booneville

(10-2012) Enlarge 1857 Blackland Farming Letter:
A letter depicting the pre-Civil War life of a local Booneville, Mississippi farming family


(10-2012) Enlarge 1865 .31 Cal Colt Revolver:
1865 Colt Revolver with matching serial numbers


(10-2012) Enlarge Civil War Relics on Display:
A display case of Civil War period relics. Note the Colt Revolving Rifle on the bottom shelf. These rifles were used during the Battle of Booneville

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