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(10-2012) Enlarge Newspaper Wallpaper (Kept Draft Out):
A view of the remains of newspapers of the early 1870's consisting of copies of the Louisville Courier, Louisville Journal and the old New Orleans Picayune that were used as wallpaper to help keep the draft out from the wood slat cracks. The newspapers were lost during restoration because they were so fragile and fell to pieces when removed from the walls after having been covered with layers of wallpaper throughout the years. This is a section of the Louisville, Journal that has been preserved with a layer of protective Plexiglas covering

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(10-2012) Enlarge Council Of War Historic Marker:
Council of War Historic Marker was dedicated on June 9, 1956 in downtown Booneville, Mississippi


(10-2012) Enlarge Forrest's Council of War:
Tupelo Daily Journal article from February 7, 1956 with details about the Cunningham House and Forrest's Council of War

(10-2012) Enlarge Baptist Church (Cunningham House Original Location):
Booneville First Baptist Church and Parking Lot. This is the original location of the Cunningham Home where Forrest held his Council of War for the Battle of Brice's Crossroads in Booneville, Mississippi. The house was facing the street


(10-2012) Enlarge Capture of Booneville Historic Marker:
This historic marker is located across the street from the existing train depot in downtown Boonville, Mississippi


(10-2012) Enlarge Booneville Visitor's Center and Rails & Trails Museum Train Depot:
This depot was built at or very near the footprint of the original Booneville Civil War era train depot that was burned to the ground during a cavalry raid that took place on May 30, 1862

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