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(2009) Enlarge Site of Bell's Tavern: Although no marker exists on this spot, this was a very important area during the Civil War. Bell's Tavern and part of the cottage built next to it were requisitioned as a Hospital for Castle Morgan. Many Union men died on this small piece of real estate. The cottage that was also requisitioned was used for quarantine purposes. It is reported that an underage Union soldier was a patient in the Bell's Tavern Hospital and saw his fellow companions losing their battle for life on a daily basis during his convalescence. He couldn't stand it anymore and asked for an early release from the hospital in order to go back to the prison which was granted
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(2009) Enlarge Crocheron's Row marker



(2009) Enlarge Crocheron's Row cellar remnants: Crocheron's Row was built on or attached to the back of the Crocheron Mansion. The mansion was located at the end of the Row with it's front porch entrance facing the Alabama River for what must have been a grand view

(2009) Enlarge The Old Brick Store marker


(2009) Enlarge Crocheron columns marker


(2009) Enlarge Vintage Photo of Crocheron mansion: The Crocheron columns are on the side of the house. This is a view of the front of the house which was facing the Cahaba and Alabama River Fork. Forrest and Wilson met in this mansion to discuss prisoner exchange after the Battle of Selma

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