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THERE IS GLORY IN THE GRAVES, reads the inscription on the Confederate Monument that stands in the center of Selma's National Historic Register Cemetery.  Visitors who stroll through Live Oak Cemetery will find glory, humor and pathos in the lives of those whose stories are told here.  The oldest portion of the cemetery was purchased by the Township of Selma in 1829 and named West Selma Graveyard.  The newer section of the cemetery grounds was purchased in 1877 and combined with the older section to form 'Live Oak Cemetery'. The cemetery received it's name in 1879 when Col. N.H.R. Dawson arranged for '80 Live Oaks and 80 Magnolias be purchased from Mobile to be planted throughout both portions of the cemetery.'  Many historic Selmians are buried on these grounds. (Excerpts from "Old" Live Oak Cemetery walk tour brochure)


(April 2010) Enlarge Cemetery marker
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(April 2010) Enlarge Cemetery marker



(April 2010) Enlarge Vice President King's crypt

(April 2010) Enlarge Rev. Arthur W. Small Gravesite: Minister of First Presbyterian Church in Selma, site of the famous "Lady Banks" rose which shed it's petals as his body was brought from the Battle of Selma, of which he was a casualty, to the church


(April 2010) Enlarge Rev. Small


(April 2010) Enlarge John W. Apperson

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