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Kenan's Mill was built in the 1800's for local folks to come and grind their corn into meal and grits. It also has a 19th century beehive brick kiln used for heating wood to the point of pyrolysis to produce charcoal. General Forrest used Kenan's Mill as a rendezvous point for his men during the Civil War. Restoration has brought the Mill back into working order and it still retains its original water powered turbine thus eliminating the need for a water wheel which was never built at the site. The Mill tender's house used to be on the side of the creek that the Mill is on but due to flooding he built it on the other side of the creek. He also built one of the areas first rope bridges in order to tend the mill as soon as he heard a bell from the Mill that customers would ring after arriving. Now open during the year for special events only (Selma's Pilgrimage and Fall Festival), the site was owned by the Kenan family until Elizabeth Kenan Buchanan donated it to the Historical Society in 1977. Now restoration continues as does the annual Fall Festival at the site, celebrating the way things were done.
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(April 2010) Mill marker

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