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Vaughan-Smitherman Museum

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1. Selma, Ala. Daily Photo: Vaughan-Smitherman Museum
2. YouTube - Vaughan-Smitherman Museum
3. Joseph T. Smitherman Historic Building

Built about 1848, this large red brick and white columned building is now known as the Vaughan-Smitherman Museum. Since it's original construction by the Masonic order to house a school, the building has been used as a Confederate hospital, courthouse and a regional hospital. The building is now owned by the city and named after Selma's long time mayor, Joseph T. Smitherman and Dr. Samuel Watkins Vaughan, founder of the Vaughan Hospital.
Steven Hippensteel, AL


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(April 2010) Enlarge Front parlor

(April 2010) Enlarge Slave era documents

(April 2010) Enlarge Civil War era money  

(April 2010) Enlarge Ruins of C.S. Naval Foundry, Selma

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