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(7-05) Enlarge Seven Days Battles: Malvern Hill
This photo was taken on the anniversary of the Battle of Malvern Hill July 1, 1862-July 1, 2005 from the parking lot looking toward the chimneys of the Willis Methodist Church Parsonage. The Chimneys from the parsonage can be seen across the Willis Church Road (Route 156). The parsonage was the launching point for Confederate assaults on the Union positions on Malvern Hill. There is a foot trail that can bee seen to the left of the informational sign which passes through this site and other sites on the Malvern Hill Battlefield

(7-05) Seven Days Battles: Malvern Hill
Interpretive marker at the Methodist Parsonage:

The residence of the Methodist minister situated near this spot was a landmark of the Battle of Malvern Hill and was directly in the line of advance of D.H. Hill's Division southward against the Federal positions around the Crew House, July 1, 1862



(7-05) Enlarge Seven Days Battles: Malvern Hill
This is an informational sign in the parking lot of the Methodist Parsonage site at the Malvern Hill Battlefield. It shows the loop trail for hikers and also gives an impression of the foliage in the area at the time of the battle. (fewer trees)


(7-05) Seven Days Battles: Malvern Hill
This photo shows an informational sign from the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites (APCWS) who purchased the land then donated the land to the National Park Service. The APCWS is now known as the Civil War Preservation Trust (CWPT).

Almost in the middle of the photo a small white building can be seen. This building is the modern West House. The current West House is similar in appearance to the same building during the battle. Union positions ( Fitz-John Porter's Corps, Darius Couch's Division) were in front of the house supported by artillery. The Confederates (Divisions of Jackson and D. H. Hill) made a number of costly, unsuccessful attacks across the field in front. Union troops counter-attacked across this field, too. Confederate Private William Calder said "Our men charged gallantly at them, but they mowed us down by fifties" Confederate General D. H. Hill is rumored to have said something to the effect of this not being war, it was murder

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