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(4-93Shirley Plantation Enlarge
Near Harrison's Landing is the Shirley Plantation. Built in 1613, Shirley Plantation was the birthplace of Anne Hill Carter, mother of General Robert E. Lee. A young Robert E. Lee received some of his early schooling here in a converted laundry house

Shirley Plantation suffered no damage during the Peninsula Campaign and other battles around Richmond. I highly recommend a visit to both Berkley Plantation and Shirley Plantation if you are in the Richmond area
Photo/narrative by Ed Conner


(4-93Drewery's Bluff
This 10-inch Columbiad, located at Drewery's Bluff, marks the location of Fort Darling. On May 15, 1862, Union warships (including the USS Monitor) attempted to run past the fort and shell Richmond. The passage was unsuccessful, and the Federal ships were driven off with heavy losses.

The first Medal of Honor given to a U.S. Marine was awarded in this action to Cpl. John F. Mackie serving aboard the USS Galena

Fort Darling prevented further incursions up the James River and served as the Confederate Naval Academy and Marine Corp Camp of Instruction through much of the war
Photo/narrative by Ed Conner


(4-93Drewery's Bluff
A Confederate gunner's view of the James River from Fort Darling
Photo/narrative by Ed Conner


Young's Mill Enlarge
Photo/narrative by Jack Snyder

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